Artistic Goals & Fears

I wrote a post today on Facebook that I’d like to share here as my first blog post on my updated website. I thought it fit nicely.

Sharing some of my thoughts here for anyone struggling with art/comics/any sort of creation, because everyone goes through it. I don’t really share or give advice too often, especially on social media, because I feel like there are plenty of other people who have much more experience/better advice/more skill than I do. I’ve been noodling on some of the reasons being an artist of any kind is really difficult lately, because I’ve been tired and frustrated with my own art, and I think most of my personal stress forms from the feeling of not having enough time to accomplish what I want to do. It. Is. Tiring.

You may never be noticed or realized for your art, no matter how much time you commit to it. Right off the bat that is already a scary thing to realize when you are pouring your energy, time, and soul into something. You might never earn the amount of money you should from it. It is EXHAUSTING, and even if you spend every spare minute you have on it, you don’t always feel good about your art. It can be taxing to do other things that require a lot of your attention and time when you really just want to be focusing on improving your art and making your creations come to life, and the day-to-day gets in the way of your energy level and ability to accomplish your goals. Everyone feels these things, and it’s okay.

I don’t think there will ever be a time when some aspect of being an artist will not be a struggle, but you really just can’t give up. Keep creating, keep improving, even if no one is watching or noticing. Spend time around other artists being inspired and learning everything you can if it’s possible. In the end you do it because you love to do it, and it will bring you happiness unlike anything else. The rest is all just a bonus. I think James¬†summed it up well in the end:

“The only thing I can think of is finding a way to make the work you do at home worth coming home to do. You put up with X because it affords you the chance to do Y.”

I love my Nutmeg team (Josh & James) and all the other artists I know. Keep making amazing things because you never know who you are inspiring!

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  1. trevor Butte

    Jackie, as a fan of your art and comic book I am grateful for you gift. I can never understand how you feel, as I am as artistic as a log…. I have watches many friends whose are struggle with the same things you are saying, and I hope that support will help you succeed and realize that you are talented.

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